Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about your wedding or special event at MeadowView? We’ve assembled answers to commonly asked questions. We’re here to make your event run smoothly. 

Are there any other events going on day of my event?

Absolutely not! We don’t believe you should have to share your special day with another event. When you book your event, you get exclusive access to MeadowView for that day.

How many hours do I get the venue for on our wedding day?

At MeadowView, we believe you should get to enjoy and experience the venue all day, and we do not restrict your time or hold multiple weddings on your special day. You can enjoy MeadowView for the entire day of your wedding, with our generous 10 hour rental. This allows your plenty of time to arrive, get ready, have your vendors decorate, and party well into the evening, ensuring you have a full day of fun and enjoyment.

How many guests can I have at my event?

MeadowView is a large capacity event venue, and can accommodate 225 guests. We have designed the space with comfort in mind, and our 6000 square foot event hall ensures there is plenty of space for various table configurations, dancing, and additional entertainment. Additionally, our robust outdoor spaces including our ceremony site and 3000 square feet of covered patios allow for ultimate fun and flexibility outdoors, including cocktail hour, guest mingling, etc.

Can I still have my event during COVID-19?

Yes, MeadowView is here to work with you to make sure your special day can still take place. We are following all York County, South Carolina, and federal guidelines to protect the safety of you, your loved ones, and our team. We are a large capacity venue, meaning we have ample space for you to socially distance inside and configure the room based on family units or other specifications. Additionally, we have an abundance of covered patio and outdoor space to allow everyone to comfortably spread out and safely hold your event. Furthermore, in the event you are looking to scale back your event, we can offer cost-effective elopement style packages to accommodate smaller groups in a more intimate setting. Please reach out to us and we can discuss your event needs and come up with the ideal solution.

Can I choose my own vendors?

Yes! We have a very flexible vendor policy, helping you choose the vendors that are the right fit for your needs and price point. We have a robust list of caterers, bartenders, and bands/DJ’s to fit every taste. These are vendors we have worked with before and we know will do a great job with your event, plus they have all insurance and paperwork on file with MeadowView to make things run smoothly. Additionally, we have lists of great photographers, florists, planners, etc. that we are happy to recommend. Additionally, if you are not wanting to worry about selecting vendors, MeadowView can help provide additional services such as tent or equipment rental, catering, bartending, linens, table settings, photography, floral arrangements, DJ, etc. for an added cost.

Can we get ready on site?

Of course! That’s part of the experience. We designed MeadowView with a large bridal suite and groom suite to allow you and your wedding party to enjoy getting ready day of the event. Our spacious bridal suite includes a large hair and makeup counter and a dedicated bridal bathroom to make getting ready a breeze.

Can we have a rehearsal on site?

Yes we are happy to have your rehearsal on site. As part of your booking, MeadowView allows you a 1 hour rehearsal time slot if you so choose, which can be scheduled with us based on venue availability, typically on a weekday leading up to your event. For example, if you have booked a  Saturday wedding and there is an event scheduled on Friday, you may choose to rehearse on Thursday or Saturday morning on the day of your event. We find more couples these days are choosing to forgo the rehearsal all together or do a quick run through on the actual wedding day.  If you would like to book a rehearsal dinner on site, MeadowView is happy to work with you for an additional fee, based on date availability (see below). You will have plenty of time for family members, friends or a wedding planner on the day of the wedding since you have use of the facility for the entire day!

What are our options for rehearsal dinner?

MeadowView holds weddings and events all days of the week, and it is not uncommon for us to have a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday wedding booked in the same weekend. For that reason, if you book a Saturday wedding, we cannot guarantee the venue will be available for a rehearsal dinner on Friday night. This is industry norm. If that date remains unbooked closer to your event date, we are happy to release that date, provide pricing, and allow you the option to book a rehearsal dinner with us.  We find this works well for most couples, as the rehearsal dinner typically does not get planned until closer to the wedding. Alternatively, if having a rehearsal dinner on site is important to you, you may want to consider booking your wedding for a Friday night, as it is much easier to accommodate a rehearsal dinner on Thursday. 

Is there an area to hold our ceremony on site in addition to the reception?

You bet! We realize it can be inconvenient to have to worry about holding your ceremony in one location and transporting guests to the reception, so we’ve kept it easy for you. The ceremony area was an integral component when we designed MeadowView, and we have a beautiful, turfed outdoor ceremony area. No need to worry about a passing shower or mud, our ceremony grounds will always be manicured and looking great for your pictures. We also have a gorgeous indoor ceremony area for couples interested in getting married inside the grand event hall.

Is MeadowView climate-controlled?

Yes! MeadowView is fully climate-controlled meaning you can comfortably have your wedding year round. Additionally, we have large covered porches complete with paddle fans to allow for outdoor activities even during the summer.

What happens in the case of inclement weather?

MeadowView was thoughtfully designed to allow for ultimate flexibility, with indoor and outdoor ceremony options. We realize many couples prefer to have their ceremony outdoors, and we have a turfed ceremony area so the ground will be pristine even after a passing shower or wet conditions. We’ll work with you day of the event to help your event run smoothly. If there is a passing storm, we can dry off chairs at the ceremony area and proceed as planned. If it is looking like there will be a prolonged storm, we can move your ceremony indoors into the main event hall (utilizing our stage area with four 14 foot windows as a backdrop for the alter area), or on to the large 1800 sq ft covered rear porch. In fact, our indoor ceremony area is so beautiful, we have many couples opt to do their ceremony inside regardless of weather. Rest assured you have options.

Is there space to fit a band instead of a DJ?

Of course! Our spacious event hall can easily accommodate large bands and we even have a stage where your band or DJ can set up (unless you decide to use this area to set up a sweetheart table). There is ultimate flexibility to configure the room to your liking.

Do I have to pay extra for table and chair rentals?

No, we handle all that! Tables and chair rentals at other venues add up quickly and can make a reasonable rental rate skyrocket. Tables and chairs (including ceremony area chairs) are included with your venue rental at MeadowView, and we handle all set up and tear down, in your desired configuration. We are here to help and can provide you a link to All Seated to plan your layout.

How close is MeadowView to lodging and hotels?

MeadowView is 20 minutes from downtown RockHill and lodging including a new 110 room Cambria hotel by Winthrop University. It is an easy drive and we can recommend several shuttle companies should you wish to arrange transportation for your guests. Additionally, there are some nearby bed and breakfast options close to MeadowView which we are happy to provide.

Is MeadowView easy to get to?

While you’ll have the full experience and serenity of the country, MeadowView is very accesible. It is an easy drive in – no need to worry about winding or hilly roads. We are located in McConnells, South Carolina, right around the corner from historic Brattonsville and the Draper Sunflower Fields. MeadowView is 15 minutes from downtown Rock Hill, York, and Clover. We are 30 minutes from Fort Mill and Tega Cay. We are 45 minutes from uptown Charlotte, and 1 hour from Huntersville and Columbia.

Do you have enough parking on site?

Yes! We have a large, well-lit parking lot to accommodate all your guests. We have a paved, covered portico to allow for easy drop-off and pickup of guests. We also have paved parking spots for handicap guests and a paved walkway throughout the entire parking lot.

Do I need to bring my own AV equipment?

You will have access to an inside sound and projection system as well as outside sound system. Additionally, we have found that most bands and DJ’s come fully equipped with the speakers and systems they regularly use.

Can I bring decorations and supplies ahead of time?

You can start bringing in decorations and supplies morning of your event. MeadowView has events going on other days of the week, and we need to respect the privacy of those events, just like you would want your event to be exclusive. We ask that you cleanup and bring home all your decorations with you after your event concludes.

What kind of cleanup is needed after our event?

Unlike many venues, you will not be required to haul your trash. We ask that your vendors (catering, bartending, and other services) pickup all trash and debris associated with the event in the main event hall, bridal & groom suite, patios and grounds. These can be collected in trash receptacles provided by MeadowView and prior to departing, the sealed and secured bags can be placed in the onsite dumpster bin located at the end of the parking lot. We also require that you remove and bring home all personal effects, decorations, leftover food and beverage, etc. at the conclusion of your event. We likely have an event the next day and cannot be responsible for any leftover belongings.

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